Nova Autos Driving tips Enhance Your Interceptor 650 With Customized Accessories

Enhance Your Interceptor 650 With Customized Accessories

The retro- classic styled, Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is unquestionably the perfect mixture of comfort and sense of any rider available. It’s the perfect option for any rider be it, a newcomer or even a skilled one. But nonetheless, more often than not there’s a scope for improvement, and that’s what we’ll undergo inside the following sentences.

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We’re listing the very best Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Customised Accessories and modifications which each and every Interceptor owner must consider installing for motorcycle. We urge readers so that the integrity within the product along with the manufacturer before purchasing any deal.


FlyScreen Package. Bring that extra hint of retro-style for that Interceptor 650 with flyscreen. This dark-tinted stainless material is a great increase safeguard the rider from strong winds. It is packaged in two variants, short and extended flyscreen plus a branded embellisher.

RSU Finisher Package. Laser-etched branding adds that crowning glory to the people fastener package. This fastener includes durable aluminum material.

Handlebar Brace Pad. Give that comfort for that hands with foam-padded handlebar brace pads. They are available in RE embossed brace cover.


Touring Mirror Package. An ideal substitute for stock mirrors. Based on strong aluminum stands this rearview mirror provides the perfect vision for that rider.

Machined Front Reservoir Cap. Provide a little style for that ride by using this aluminum cylinder cap. This machined front cap has a anodized finish for durability and styling. Ensure to discover the screw mounting position within the bike for smooth installation. It is packaged in black and silver finish.

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Machined Bar Finish Finisher Package. Give that crowning glory for that Interceptor with your Bard finish finishers. It is packaged in black and silver colors.

Heel Guard. If you want to switch your brushed original heel guard, this powder-coated version could be the finest option for your Interceptor.


Machined oiled filler cap. If you’re into detailing, this filler cap could be the finest site for you personally. Machined from billet aluminium this, oil filler cap is embossed while using the Royal Enfield emblem and you will be positioned as intended. It will likely be black and silver finishes.

Intake Fan cover. Switch the brushed originals by using this powdered coated covers. Provide your bike the stealth look with your Intake fan covers.


Engine Guard. Bring that layer of protection for that engine’s key area without compromising across the style. Produced in the sturdy steel tube, engine pads are coated with anti-corrosive materials to prevent any possible damage. The engine pads can be found in compact and big frames.

Sump pads. The part in the sump guard should be to safeguard the engine along with the lower frame rails. Add this stylish layer of protection for that bike to prevent any undesirable damage.

Fork gaiter package. Safeguard the fork stanchions in the bike from debris and gemstones by using this fork gaiter package. There is a people who are made created for Interceptor 650 and adds that retro make use of your bike.


Touring Dual Seat. Have this stylish yet comfortable seating for your Interceptor 650 which will come in many quilts and magnificence options. Choose this touring seats for longer and comfy rides.


Bike Covers. Safeguard your bike from dust and two opposites like heat, snow, and rains obtaining a greater-quality waterproof bike cover.

Machined Swingarm Bobbin Package. Put your 650 across the paddock stands with such machined-aluminum swing-arm bobbins.

Customizing and accessorizing your bike not just boosts its efficiency but in addition enhances its functionality. Ensure that you pick the best Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 customized accessories for your bike and revel in comfortable rides.

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