How Laser-cutting Technology Works within the Leather Industry


We’ve used leather for just about any extended time. These components is famous for getting the opportunity to retain style and shape in every product. You’ll be able to cut and shape the fabric because it is light and efficient. This will make it a flexible type of material and merchandise of leather like footwear, mitts, hats, bags, etc. have immense value in the marketplace. Technology allows you to utilize leather not only for clothing but furthermore for other articles like automobile seats, book bindings, products, and furniture.

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Earlier traditional technologies like stone knives, bone needles, die press techniques and manual cutting were renowned for cutting leather. The requirement of the product with manual cutting wasn’t based on its usage but by its design features. The main disadvantage was these technologies would are employed in a pokey speed, require manpower along with the result was of average quality. With time, laser cutting has switched in to a popular technology acquainted with enhance leather’s scope of functionality.

What’s Laser-cutting?

Laser cutting could be a way in which uses laser to lessen various materials from metallic to non-metallic elements. While using the laser is fantastic for both industrial and artistic applications. Laser cutting uses high-power laser which directs through optics and computer record control (CNC) to direct the beam or material. The gas vaporizes the beam which burns departing behind a larger-quality surface finished edge.

Role of laser-cutting in Leather industry:

The key reason why laser technologies are famous the leather companies are since it provides top quality cutting inside some time.

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Laser-cutting in leather works utilizing a couple of things- laserlight and private computers. Wealthy in-energy, high-power-density carbon-dioxide lasers you can cut leather quickly and efficiently. Plus, digital and automatic technologies within the machine enhance the cutting abilities.

To lessen a leather piece, a CO2 laserlight concentrates on somewhat place. By doing so, the primary focus achieves high power density which converts photon energy into heat thus creating holes across the material. Regardless of the residual heat, the fabric isn’t prone to deformation due to the cut seam that hole produces. Additionally, what size the lather also remains consistent. Computer graphic designs are frequently becoming accustomed to enhance efficiency.

Alternatively finish, C02 laser cutting is popular to engrave leather materials in footwear, bags, along with other industries. The cutting speed generally reaches 5-30 mm per second since the engraving speed may achieve 600 mm per second.

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e more two important processes of laser-cutting in leather:

Nesting: It’s a manner of positioning parts that should be cut in a fashion that there’s minimum waste. The disadvantage with this strategy is it doesn’t assure complete utilisation of the material. This method may also be challenging in situation of enormous-scale production. To overcome this issue, today, using nesting software has elevated.

Cutting sequence: the goal of this method should be to complete the cutting procedure by selecting the shortest path.

Laser parts from brands like Amada Laser Parts and Bystronic Spares provide quality parts of the system that reinforces the machine’s ability to engrave the leather.




Following would be the leather types appropriate for laser cutting:

Household leather- it’s incomplete leather helpful for creating dyed leathers

Suede leather- a kind of leather obtaining a napped finish, generally helpful for jackets, footwear, shirts, purses, furniture, along with other products.

Household leather- also known as artificial leather, replacement for leather in upholstery, clothing, footwear, along with other uses

Alcantara leather- a typical man-made materials in automotive applications

Benefits of laser-cutting:

Lasers allow manufacturers to possess as well as sealed edged cuts that reduce chafing within the leather.

It takes less power for cutting.

Have greater production speed. It can help a person finishes more products faster.

Creation of standard quality products.

CIM system laser can help you manufacture identical designs.

Laser cutters are precise enough to create intricate designs in comparison to manual cutting.

It’s contact-free. You won’t require manpower using this.


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