Remember These 7 Tips in Case of a Bike Accident


Poor roads, overcast weather conditions, rash driving, or sheer misfortune- there are many reasons one can get involved in a bike accident despite taking all the precautions and driving responsibly.  犀利士

But remembering the following 7 tips can provide you with the confidence to overcome the aftermath of a bike accident.

  • Keep Your Calm

Staying calm after a bike accident is easier said than done, but that’s exactly what you should do in such a situation. Panicking may aggravate the situation. Therefore, it’s important to keep your emotions or anger in control and project a calm outer demeanour. 

  • Ensure Safety of Everyone

Try to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the accident. If the accident occurred in the middle of the road, then get off the road along with all the parties to avoid any further mishaps.

  • Reach for the First Aid

You should always keep a small first-aid kit while travelling on a two-wheeler. The first-aid kit should contain a small bottle of antiseptic liquid, cotton rolls, band-aids, surgical scissors, ointment, etc. You can keep the kit in the storage unit of your two-wheeler or inside your carry bag.

The kit can come in handy to provide first-aid to the individuals involved in an accident.

  • Take Pictures

Take photographs of the accident scene, the damages caused to your bike and the other vehicle, and the surrounding area, including the injured person. The pictures can be helpful while filing a claim against your bike insurance policy later.

  • Inform the Police and File FIR

Never leave the accident scene without informing the police, as that can cause you more trouble. Instead, call the local police and tell them how the mishap happened. It is better to raise a first information report (FIR) with the police detailing the accident. Mention the injuries caused to everyone involved in the accident in the FIR. 

  • Intimate the Insurance Firm

Inform the general insurance firm about the accident and provide all the necessary details. Mention your bike insurance policy number while communicating with your insurer. You can now register your claim amount against your bike insurance online through the insurer’s official website.

Keep a copy of your driving licence, vehicle registration certificate, and tax receipts ready because insurance firms often ask for such information while settling a claim. 

  • Stay With the Facts

Refrain from fabricating or exaggerating your story. Just state the facts as they happened to the police and the insurer. Divulging information to the general public or press won’t help your case.

Accidents are unforeseen and happen in a split second. Therefore, it is always advisable to wear a helmet and take precautionary measures while riding a two-wheeler.

But if you still get involved in an accident, then use the tips mentioned above to get back in control as early as you can. We hope you won’t need them, ever.


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