Take These Precautions When Renting a Luxury Car in Newport Beach


A great trip always needs and deserves an equally great car. But before the excitement of your trip takes over your mind, here are some precautions you need to take before you hire a luxury car in Newport Beach.

Inquire and Confirm Where You are Allowed to Go

Check with your luxury car rental company if there are limits to the distance you are allowed to travel in your rented car. Ask if you can cross to other neighborhoods or not. Confirm from the company if you need any permit or other documentation for renting a luxury car in Newport Beach.

Review the Contract Carefully

Before you sign the contract with the company, read it thoroughly. Never hesitate to clear your doubts with the representative of the company if there is any clause unclear to you. Avoid signing the contract if you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions stated in it. Some of the things you need to pay extra attention to include:

  • Insurance policy
  • Fuel policy
  • Driver policy
  • Breakdown policy
  • Return policy
  • Cancellation policy

Check the Deposit

Before renting a luxury car, see to it that any deposit you pay in advance should be subtracted from the total car rental fee. The amount of deposit shouldn’t show up as an extra charge on your bill.

Inspect the Condition of the Car

Before picking up the rental car from the designated pick-up location, see to it that the employees of the company take note of any damage on the car before you can start driving it. See to it that the employee ensures that no damage has been incurred on the car once you return it to the drop-off location.

You may also want to consider preparing a checklist of your own before you set off. It will save you from paying extra in case any issue occurs. Don’t forget to check the air conditioner, lights, music system, tires, and windscreen before you embark on your journey.

Refer to Your Credit Card Insurance Policy

Luxury car rental companies provide expensive insurance to cover any damage. There might be no need for additional insurance even when your insurance policy doesn’t cover rental cars. Most credit card companies provide insurance on rental cars without any extra cost. Get in touch with your credit card company first so you can save money. Check your credit card company’s rental car policy to know what they cover in the event any damage occurs.

Don’t Rent a Luxury Car from the Airport

Finally, when renting a luxury car in Newport Beach, it might be best not to rent it from the airport. It is not a secret that the easiest and most convenient way of hiring a vehicle is to pick it up from rental companies available at the airport.

However, remember that these rental companies at the airport are obliged to pay fees to the airport. This extra fee is passed on to their customers. So, it is best to avoid renting a car from the airport. Take a cab instead and hire the car from a company that is not located on the airport grounds.

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